Unlock Unrelenting Success for Your Businesses

Customer experience is so 2020. Pandaq delivers market management for forward thinkers and future market dominators.

Define customer and market personas
Identify customer sales journey
Fill critical holes in customer journey
Secure market domination partners

Let your competitors chase customers. Together, we’ll move markets.

Introducing market management, a new way of looking at sales growth.

First it was the AIDA purchase funnel, which was proposed all the way back in 1898. That’s right. Your competitors are using a sales funnel invented in the 1800s. Since then, there’s also been customer management, lead generation, reputation management, and an endless list of other en vogue must-dos for companies wanting to grow sales.

But each of them was only one strand in the rope bridge that must be built to transport yourself from product concept to conversion. In reality there are countless of those strands. Tackle marketing without branding and you’ll be broadcasting a limp message to a disinterested audience. Embrace experience at the expense of acquisition, and you’ll have no customers to nurture. Sell without supporting customers, and repeat business will never happen. Miss one strand of the customer journey and sales are likely to crash.

We help businesses own markets by providing full-spectrum sales support from concept to conversion and every strand between.

  • Enterprise class marketing and advertising
  • Smarter customer acquisition
  • Customer and sales support with call center and chat support
  • Customer life cycle optimization
  • Deal flow development
  • Strategic partner acquisition
  • On- and offline messaging strategy
  • Branding and product consultation
  • Direct-to-consumer sales
  • Consumer sales enabling including technical and installation support

We deliver full-spectrum sales support, from concept to conversion.

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